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NOLA Driving Institute Teen Driver's Education Course Norco Location


Parents and Students, 

First of all, thank you for choosing NOLA Driving Institute. You are receiving this email because your child is registered for our teen driver's education class on March 19, 20, 26, 27. Students will need to bring their temporary instruction per, the remaining balance in cash or check, and something to write with. 


Remaining Balance

Please send the student with the remaining balance. We accept cash or check for the final payment. The remaining balance is $400. 


Temporary Instruction Permit

Please send the student each day with their temporary instruction permit. If you haven't gotten the temporary instruction permit your child can still attend the class. However, we cannot place them on the driving schedule until they obtain the temporary instruction permit. You will be sent a link to submit the temporary instruction permit once you have it. 


Location and Time

15622 River Road

Norco, LA 70079


Class starts at 8 am

Lunch around 11 am

Class ends at 4 pm


Sign In

Parents are not required to sign in students. Just print out the attached Parent Information Sheet, sign it, and send it in with the student. If you don’t have means to print the Parent information sheet please come in with your child and sign the registration. PLEASE DO NOT EMAIL THE PARENT FORM BACK.


Driving Schedule

On the first day of class your child will create a Drive Scout Account. We do all our scheduling for the driving portion through this program. Within 7 days of your child completing the classroom portion of this course, you will receive an email and a text message with your driving dates, driving times, instructor’s name and contact information. Scheduling is determined by the availability sheet. Each student will bring their availability sheet home on the first day, and return it on the second day. Please go over it and help them fill it out.



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