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What’s the Best Driving School in the Area?

Updated: Mar 1, 2019

One of the most important times in your life is learning to drive. It’s a life changing event that is the key to freely being able to roam as you please. Even more importantly is choosing the right driving school to meet your Driver’s Education Needs. So how do you pick a school? What questions should you ask? What should I look for in a driving school?

The first thing I would look at is Google reviews. Reading a business‘s reviews can tell you a lot about them. Look through them a determine which reviews are valid. It’s easy to spot a person that can never be pleased in reviews. I good sign is a person‘s overwhelmingly appreciation. You can click on the person‘s Google profile and see how many times they have posted a review. If they have only posted a few reviews chances are they were compelled to either write a great or bad review.

The next thing to check is does the driving school answer the phone? If they don’t answer the phone do they call you back in a timely manner? It’s a clear sign of how invested a driving school is if they take the time to answer you and provide information about your upcoming course.

What does there website look like? You may say why does that matter? I company that is in assuring you get the best service also wants their customers to have the most up to date information in an easy to view format.

What does the schools classroom look like? Once again a school that is invested in constantly improving their learning facilities you can assure they are invested in the course they provide. Ask to take a tour of their facility or look for pictures on their website and social media.

Most importantly what kind of cars does the school use? Is it a dedicated brand and if so what is the quality of that brand. Check if they advertise the crash rating of their cars being used. Chances are if they haven’t advertised the safety of their vehicles it’s because they have bought the cheapest car they can find.

NOLA Driving Institute has weekly adult classes and monthly teen classes. Check our website for upcoming classes at or call/text 504-382-9715 (Norco) or 504-701-7881 (Metairie)

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